Space Dungeon was one of the most fun games ever made for the Atari early game systems...

rumour has it Atari Corp. went BANKRUPT in 2013...

Space dungeon 3


we used to say as kids "gonna go play Atari," not go play Space Dungeon, or Pac Man which was the low graphics version of Pac Man, not many features compared to the arcade game...really low memory for that period in the evolution of video games.  "8-bit", the industry called those games...

Space Dungeon actually came out for the "sequel" to the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200 which had more complicated controllers.  (More than one button. As I recall, it didn't work too well...sort of frustrating.   we got used to it, though.)

AH, SPACE DUNGEON...those dancing colors, the excitement!
Space dungeon logo


Did you beat the game sd5200


 Just to think of it takes me back to a time when video games (or, as some call them, "videogames," were SO much fun, and back then, Atari was almost "the only game in town," so to speak...

DID I BEAT THE GAME?  when we played Space Dungeon...the idea of "beating the game" was sort of unheard of.  I never became OBSESSIVE enough to beat all the levels of Space Dungeon...

courtesy of wikipedia:

The game counts from level 1 to 99, and upon completing 99, rolls over to zero.

Levels two through nine, and then levels that are a multiple of one hundred, are preceded by a rhyme:

  • The Thief's in view on level 2
    Space Dungeon Sep9 15 17 33


  • More to see on level 3
  • Watch each door on level 4
  • Stay alive on level 5
  • Watch for tricks on level 6
  • It's not heaven on level 7
  • Meet they fate on level 8
  • You're doing fine on level 9

On reaching level 10, the game then displays "Sorry. No more rhymes." No further messages appear until the player rolls-over the level counter by completing level 99. At level 100, the level counter resets to zero, and the message displayed is "You're a hero on level zero." Thus this same "level zero" message will be repeated every hundredth level.

Asleep at the wheel

----so dungeon was so much fun.  video games, in general, seemed to keep evolving and evolving...but it seems logical to me in 2013 that technology has never evolved, can't evolve, won't ever evolve.  carbon has been carbon since before h. sapiens came to be, it will be carbon forever...people CLAIM that technology evolves, or that they have "smart phones" or "smart cars"...all of it is totally stupid.  technology CAN'T THINK.  it can't EVOLVE, either.

now, human ability to manipulate technology, YEAH, that has evolved.  human skill with technology has evolved considerably since the Wheel or Atari 2600...but calling something a "smart phone" or a "smart car" or a stupid f****ing BOMB that takes human just shows how much farther humanity -- and human thought -- can evolve.  One hopes.

Back then, I hadn't started writing novels.  That was some time ago, relatively, for myself, but I'm writing now and it's FUN...and most importantly, Space Dungeon was sort of a blank template.  My mind could wander and wonder what was going on in the Thief's mind as I died OVER and OVER again, or when and if Christine was coming home to make out with me on the floor.

(Soon.  She was.) 

If only I had fallen in love with and married Christine, instead of video games. 

Oh,'s not like video games are better than her...

Games I have fallen in love with since then will be discussed on later pages, but will include

The Legend of Zelda for N64

Super Metroid for the SNES

Football for Intellivision

Munch Man for the TI99 4A microcomputer.

(why did you READ this?)Edit

why?  as video games evolve, and as the PS2 gets older and older and the iMac moves closer and closer to being a relic with the passing seconds, I personally feel the urge to recall my fortune...I have been a gamer since the beginning of video games, basically, and as they get more and more complex I notice that the industry is having problems...when computing was new, it took a lot of creativity to come up with stuff like Space Invaders and Pac computers have SO much more power and memory...yet game makers can't seem to come up with stuff that takes the world by storm like the old originals did. 

I'm sure I know why: it's something about Love...some things about Love, Creativity and Inspiration that just can't be imitated, synthesized or substituted for...

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